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6"x6" Polyprophylene Bags  2 mil.

Zipper Recloseable Bag

  $6.00 for 100               $3.00 for 50

2" x 12" Polyprophylene Bags  1.2 mil

Open End Bag - Great for Pretzel sticks

$6.00 for 100             $3.00 for 50


1" x 7" Polyprophylene Bags 1.2 mil

Lip & Tape Self Sealing Bag

$3.00 for 100               $1.50 for 50

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Polypropylene Bags and Cylinder Containers

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4.5" x 5 9/16" Polyprophylene Bags 1.2 mil - Lip & Tape Self Sealing Bag

$7.00 for 100           $3.50 for 50

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Clear "cello" bags made of 100% virgin, high clarity polypropylene film. Polypropylene is a material that has FDA approval for food packaging.


Some bags are closed with a peel-off strip that reveals a sticky band. You then fold over the longer flap on the bag and the bag seals but can be reopened.


Other bags are open end bags which you can close with a sealer, ribbon or twist tie.


Due to manufacturing tolerances, the dimensions may vary from 1/16" to 1/8". Measurements shown below are the measurements when the bags are sealed.


Cylinder shaped clear containers with slip over lids sized to hold gumballs or your smaller sized products. These containers are seamlessly formed along the sides and come already set up with fixed bottoms and removable lids attached. Lids have rounded edges along the top and the ends are slightly turned out to allow easy removal. The bottoms are raised on the inside of the tube so the length of the usable space is slightly smaller than the listed dimension by approximately 1/8 to 3/16 inches.

1x7.5 lip & tape self sealing bag 2 open-end-bag-2-x-12 2 Add to cart 6x6 zipper bag 2 4.5 x 6 lip & tape self sealing bag

Clear mini round cylinder container

    5/8" x 12"                      1" x 7"

   $1.25 each                $1.00 each

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Some ideas on uses:

1" x 7" Bags are great for Candy Favors


2" x 12" Bags are great for chocolate pretzel rods


4.5" x 5 9/16" are great to cover greeting cards


6" x 6" are great for to cover greeting cards


5/8" x 12" cylinders are great for kids candy wands


1" x 7" cylinders are great for gumball favors